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Dr Frank Millward


Professor of Digital Media & Arts - Head of the School of Creative Arts - University of Newcastle




BA (Griffith), MA (CUNY), PhD (UQ)


Contact details


Faculty of Education and Arts - University of Newcastle, Australia - Frank.Millward@newcastle.edu.au


Teaching areas


Sound design & moving image
Multimedia and information technology
Postgraduate research supervision MA & PhD
Performance theory and practice
Practice-based research


Research interests



Current Research Projects


















HDR supervision



Research expertise


Knowledge Exchange involving Creative Industries
Interactive multimedia performance, improvisation and creative process
Compositional approaches to time based art
Voice studies and affect utterance
Site specific performance and mobile technologies
Visualising sound - visual projections mapping

LONDON MEMORIES - A knowledge exchange collaboration between STROMATOLITE and Kingston University - funded through Creativeworks London (AHRC). This project uses London’s locations and mobile technologies to bring communities together and celebrate narratives about where they live and work. Initiated through a series of curated “Son et Lumiere” events, it aims to engage communities in creative interaction, and stimulate memories with the aid of existing and created, visual and sonic, tangible and intangible mnemnic triggers.

Visiosonics – Digital Media and Art – (working title of book-in-progress)
This writing explores the practical, theoretical and conceptual aspects that have informed, influenced and supported the evolution of the term ‘music’ through its digital adaptations into the worlds of ‘sonic art’ or ‘audio art’. This shifting perception can be observed in audio-visual, abstracted, conceptual and / or site-specific contemporary art practices. The narrative traces the effect and impact of the transition from analogue to digital and the ways in which developments in media technologies have accompanied changes in art practices.

Conversations With My Voice
This collaborative performance research project combines multimedia, theatre and music for audiences to witness the surreal, sonic experience of a singer in conversation with her voice. Represented as a pre-recorded nasendoscopy projection of soprano Heather Keens’ vocal folds, her ‘inner voice’ becomes a virtual screen character in an interactive engagement with her as she sings.

Music in perpetual beta - collaborative research project with Professor Paul Draper, Griffith University, Australia. The project examines disruptive processes (time-space compression) arising from network engagement as a means of creative exchange across three primary foci: improvisation, composition and closure.Online media addenium and sound recordings here

BoldAs – A series of works for brass trio (Tuba, Trombone, Saxophone/s) and electronics - commissioned by CONFLUX. Each player is prepared with on-body speaker dissemination systems to facilitate interactive electro-acoustic works in site-specific situations. Recorded materials are stored and played back using on-body mp3 players. Video On Vimeo

The Visual Voice (ongoing project) - in collaboration with ENT consultant Mr John Rubin and team - investigating software usage of programs like - MAX/MSP Jitter, Ableton Live, ArKaos GrandVJ - interactive applications for exploring ideas about affect utterance, the voice and its live interactive abstract representation in performance. Works produced include - Conversations With My Voice, From Anger To Sadness #1, #2, #3, #4. TheVisualVoice.co.uk

Time based art work design and production
Installation and mixed media art design and production
Ethnographies in creative practice
Learning and teaching course design
Practice-based research methodologies

Sound design and moving image production
Audio art, information technology and multimedia production
Internet-based media design and production
Computer based audio-visual recording and production
Site specific time based work involving mobile technologies
Technology-based learning environments

Book Chapters and Journal Articles

Millward, F. and Draper, P. (2013). Music in perpetual beta: Composition, remediation and closure, Book Chapter in Music and Virtuality, ed. by Sheila Whiteley and Shara Rambarra, NewYork: Oxford University Press.(In press) 

Millward, F. (2013). The practice-led Fine Art PhD - at the frontier of what there is - an outlook on what might be,Intellect International Journal of Visual Art Practice (In press)

Millward, F. (2011) Visiosonics – Developing moving images in direct response to sound - improvising with technology, Intellect International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media – Intellect Journal 7: 2, pp. 171–188 doi: 10.1386/padm.7.2.171_1 View

Millward, F. (2010). Emotions Constrained – Voicing the Sounds of Sighs – Online article online at the Australian Music Centre and in Kiosk, Kingston University. View Text

Millward, F. (2009). Developing Moving Images for the Multimedia Performance ‘From Anger to Sadness – Representation, Interpretation and Perception” – Cambridge Scholars Publishing - Book Chapter in Performing Technology: User Content and the New Digital Media ISBN (10): 1-4438-1445-8, ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-1445-4

Conference Papers and Presentations

Millward F., Hunter G. and Trupp R., (2011). Driving a Wedge - Through Sound, Institute of Acoustics Conference, Glasgow.

Millward, F. (2011). From Anger To Sadness #4, Multimedia work for solo soprano & projections – presented as a performanc and symposium at TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association) conference Kingston University.

Millward, F. (2010). Visiosonics – the creation of sound / image works – re-evaluating the idea of composer as ‘sonic designer’ - The Forum for Innovation in Music Production and Composition - Leeds College of Music. Listing 

Millward, F. (2009). Emotive utterance as moving image – Theatre Noises Conference paper - Central School of Speech & Drama. Listing

Millward, F. (2008). Music, Sound and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Digital Arts – Invited speaker - Griffith University – South Bank Arts precinct - Brisbane. Podcast 

Millward, F. (2007). From Anger To Sadness #2 – Goldsmiths University Intimacy Conference - Multimedia work for solo soprano and double screen projections.

Millward, F. (2007). Vocal Folds In Motion – Nasendoscopy video images and sounds of the vocal folds engaged in emotive utterances - images and sounds used to make interactive multimedia art works - a collaboration with ENT specialist Mr John Rubin. First presented as a commission by Professor David Howard - NetVoTech - York University, PAS3 conference.

Millward, F. (2005). Music and The Art Business – Invited speaker and panel member - Music - Queensland Music Network Conference.

Music Books

Millward, F. (2011) Choices - Music with audio CD - performed by Sally Mays includes ‘Stilt Dance’ by Frank Millward - ISMN9790720106922*
Millward, F. (2011) Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - Book 2 – ed. Katie Zhukov with a CD of the works recorded by Katie Zhukov – includes ‘The Jazz Cat Miaou’ and ‘The Breeze and You’ by Frank Millward - ISMN 9790720106908*
Millward, F. (2011) Dining With Alice - Full score for Soloists, Chamber Ensemble & Choir – (in press)
Millward, F. (2011) Used To Be Slime - Three works for brass quintet – ISMN 9790720115610 - ISMN 9790720115597 - ISMN 9790720115610*
Millward, F. (2011) Song Book 1 - Five songs for solo voice and piano - text and music by Frank Millward - ISMN 9790720115504*
Millward, F. (2011) Song Book 2 - Five songs for solo voice and piano - text Lisa Gasteen, music Frank Millward - ISMN 9790720115511*
Millward, F. (2010) solo piano 3 - Music with audio CD performed by Sally Mays- nine pieces solo piano - ISMN 9790720106489*
Millward, F. (2008) solo piano 2 - Music with audio CD performed by Sally Mays- seven pieces solo piano - ISMN 9790720078533*
Millward, F. (2007) Trinity Guildhall Grade 7 Piano Book – includes ‘Stilt Dance’ for solo piano - B000R9TDC0
Millward, F. (2005) solo piano 1 - Music with audio CD performed by Sally Mays– eight pieces solo piano - ISMN M720065267*

Commissioned works (selected)

Brisbane Festival - (2012) 'Conversations With My Voice' - Interactive multimedia performance work for solo soprano and projections - with singer Heather Keens and John Rubin - director/composer/video.

Conflux - (2011) ‘BoldAs’ for Beat-Box Brass Trio – Site specific walkabout street performance featuring on-body mp3 dissemination system – Merchant City Festival Glasgow – director/composer - Video On Vimeo

Artichoke – (2011) ‘Dining with Alice’ for Soloists, Choir and Chamber Ensemble - site specific music theatre work - Norfolk & Norwich Festival at Elsing Hall – composer. Dining With Alice Site

Conflux - (2010) ‘Used to be Slime’ music for Brass Sextet - Site specific piece George Square, Merchant City Festival - Glasgow – director/composer. Video On Vimeo

Arts Council Kingston - (2009) ‘The Visual Voice’ Interactive Multimedia voice activated installation Picker Gallery – director/performer.

National Review of Live Art Glasgow - (2009) ‘From Anger To Sadness #3’ Interactive multimedia performance work for solo soprano and projections - director/composer/video. Video

NetVoTech - (2007) ‘From Anger To Sadness #1’ for Chamber Choir and Solo Soprano and Multimedia Projections York University - director/composer/video.

Arts Council Kingston - (2007) ‘The Lament of Lucy Vaughn-Harding’ a Song cycle for Soprano and Piano – Festival Of The Voice - Heather Keens text FM score

Arts Council London  - Camden Peoples Theatre - (2006) ‘Misterioso’& ‘U 238 Work in Progress’ - Jazz/Political Theatre works - director/composer/performer. CPT Listing

Queens Trust - (2002) ‘The 50 Year Parade’ Pageant – Golden Jubilee the Mall London BBC live broadcast – associate director.

Arts Council - (2000) Salisbury Cathedral Commission. ‘A Perfect Day’ Site Specific Work – BBC live broadcast and radio interview – director/composer/arranger. More>>>

Australian Research Council and ABC-TV - (2000) ‘A Fair Go’ – A documentary film score - Aboriginal rights & 1966 Referendum

Soundtracks, CDs and DVDs

Uneasy Dreams - (2011) by the Delta Saxophone Quartet - a DVD with music by: Gerald Barry – ‘Before the Road’ (1997), Tim Ewers – ‘On the Edge’ (2006), Michael Finnissy – ‘Selected Movements of The Great Masters’ (1996), Steve Goss – ‘Uneasy Dreams’ (2006), Mike Searby – ‘Ghosts and Arias’ (2007) and visual moving images by Frank Millward - FMR DVD004-0310 Uneasy Dreams Site

From a Bridge of Dreams – (2009) Audio CD compilation - includes the flute solo work ‘Calling The Turtles In’ by Frank Millward - ISMN M720065274

Max Q – (1989) Audio CD a solo album by Michael Hutchence - arranger/producer Michael Hutchence Site

Grace Knight Band – audio double CD album ‘Grace Knight: Live At The Basement’ – Performer – keyboards and electronics – ABC Records Australia

Noiseworks – Audio CD Album Love Vs Money (Arranger) – Columbia - 468447 2

Ray Alldridge Trio - Audio CD Album: Late Night Out Of Town – includes Stilt Dance by FM Download CD

Moving Target – Margret Roadnight – Audio CD - (Producer)

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